About Menucha

Don’t let the abundance of foliage and the ever-present scent of fir trees fool you—this isn’t camping. Menucha Retreat Center is a beautiful environment to reflect in, surrounded by views of the Columbia River, scenic trails and green trees in practically every direction.

View at Menucha

Dating back to the 1920s, the Menucha facility boasts a wide range of lodging options—from dormitory style buildings to semi-private and private rooms, many of which are wheelchair accessible.

Each residential facility has its own personality, with unique amenities that may include views of the Columbia River Gorge, a fireplace, a wood stove, possibly even a piano! Wireless internet access is widely available. There are recreational facilities as well as a number of outdoor meeting spaces. For coffee lovers, Menucha even has its own espresso bar, Just Wright Java, located in the basement of Wright Hall in what used to be a speakeasy during prohibition.

Menucha grounds